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News | 16 July 2018

Innovative Cashless Technology | Cashless Cards

Why schools are going cashless

As we move towards a cashless society, many schools are seeking to use innovative technology to remove cash from the school campus and generate efficiencies. The Flexischools Online Ordering and Cashless Card System can be used for all school services including the canteen, uniform shop, school event tickets, fees, stationery packs, fundraising, raffle tickets, photocopying and more.

Barker College and Knox Grammar School are some of the pioneering schools to transition to a cashless campus environment in Australia.

Barker College

Barker College decided to go cashless in their canteen using a combination of cards and online ordering. The main impetus for the move was to increase staff and student safety as their four canteens were processing a lot of orders which meant a lot of cash handling and storage.

Barker College appreciated the increased information that the school and parents can now access about student purchases. The canteen can source detailed information about their product sales and trading times and the parents can limit the student funds and track their purchases.

Pascal Perrotin, Catering Manager explains:

"It has been absolutely fantastic. In the first year of introducing the cards the Barker College canteens we saw a strong growth of customer numbers and sales. The cards are so quick to scan that they dramatically reduced our queues and we have seen a yearly increase in sales since going cashless".

Knox Grammar School

Knox Grammar School went cashless in their canteens to help to reduce checkout congestion and to increase parental control over student spending.

Knox experienced an increase in canteen processing speed and security after their school went cashless. The cumulative effect of this improvement has meant drastically reduced queuing times. Their canteen is now taking 90% less cash each day and daily bank trips have been all but eliminated

Byron Cullen, Business Manager, explains

“We wanted to reduce the amount of cash being held by the boys and increase the speed by which lunches could be acquired. We also wanted to give parents more control over the lunch choices for their boys. The move to the online system was a win for the school, the parents and the students. Lunches are pre-ordered by parents who choose what food their son eats and the faster distribution of the lunches means more time for the boys to play”

How to ensure a smooth transition

The cashless schools have provided the following tips to ensure a smooth transition away from cash:

  • Visit or talk to other schools with a cashless system to learn from their experience
  • Provide parents with adequate notice and information
  • Have a transition period during which you continue to accept cash until a set date

Find out more

To find out more about becoming a cashless school or to get started with Flexischools range of cashless solutions call our dedicated Customer Support Team on 1300 361 769.